Day By Day Child Development Center - "Building Bright Futures since 1996"
Curriculum Model and Literacy
Day by Day Child Development Center uses a combined curriculum model approach.  We combine the Bank Street Development Interaction Approach and the High/Scope Curriculum and use topics familiar to children to plan activities relating to one weekly theme.
All classroom teachers write curriculum activities based upon that weeks theme.  The teachers incorporate the themed planned activities to help develop eight developmental areas:  creative art, science, math, fine motor, gross motor, music and movement, sensory, language arts, and dramatic play.
  • High/Scope Curriculum emphasizes the process of active learning.  The High/Scope approach to infant/toddler and preschool education helps adults focus on development principles and encourages them to build on children's existing strengths and accomplishments. 
The above curriculum models balance each other allowing for a mixture of structured and unstructured activities.
Reading is not a focus in our classrooms.  Our intention is to give children a strong and proper foundation to begin or expand their beginning reading skills.  We do this with classrooms that offer print rich environments.  Words and letters are found throughout each classroom as labels, displays, stories, or titles.  The Preschool and Kindergarten readiness program offers enrichment activities to introduce, maintain, enhance, or master the alphabet.  Activities include letter writing and recognition, beginning sounds, blending of some sounds to form words, and story times.  Pre-reading skills are also developed through use of "high frequency words" (I, me, a, and, the...).  The repetition or "high frequency" of visualizing these words become "learned" by sight, not sounds, of the combined letters.  All "reading and writing" is approached through PHONICS or how the word sounds.