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Older Toddler/Young Preschooler Classroom - Daffodils
Approximately 31 months to 44 months
Preschool classroom
The skills taught in each classroom build upon prior experiences to enable the child to meet age appropriate developmental milestones.  This classrooms structure will continue to enhance each child's developing skills.  Language, motor skills, intellectual thinking, and cooperative play will further develop. Children will build a healthy self-concept by making choices from learning centers set up in the classroom.  Teacher created curriculum will challenge your child to create, think, and explore individually or as a group.  Socialization continues to be an important part of your child's day.  This will develop through the choices all the children make throughout their day and as teacher's guide and direct them in their play. 
Preschool classroomPotty training and self-help skills are encouraged in the classroom as well.  This includes putting on and taking off their coat, putting toys away in the proper place, and toilet training when the child shows interest.  These skills are encouraged when the child seems developmentally ready.  The staff and parents work together to assist the child to successful toilet training.  We wait to see that a child is ready and then work with parents so that the child has consistency from home to the center. Group care offers the advantage of children imitating their peers who may be making “toilet tries” or who are now able to use the toilet. This varies from child to child, but all children must be toilet trained to move into the older preschool/Prekindergarten room.
  • Observation-based assessments that demonstrate progress - conferences held semi-annually (all classrooms)
  • Thematic units that encourage curiosity, self-direction and confidence
  • Math, sensory and science skills heightened through hands-on experiences
  • Small group instruction - "circle time"
  • Regular communication between teachers and parents to keep you informed about your child's day