Day By Day Child Development Center - "Building Bright Futures since 1996"
Philosophy on Discipline
Behavior guidance is part of an on-going process to help children develop self-control so they can manage their own behavior in a socially acceptable manner.  Day by Day Child Development Center is committed to helping each child experience success in this on-going process.
There are many things we can do to "guide" a child's behavior.  Staff strives to guide our children to be polite, respectful, and responsible.  We want them to grow up with confidence, a healthy self-concept, good character, integrity, knowing "right from wrong.”  However, guiding a child's behavior can be very challenging because every child is unique.  Differing temperaments, personalities, needs, growth patterns, home environments, and surroundings all affect children's lives.
The following five points are part of our general plan to guide children's behavior.
1.  Promote Positive Behavior
2.  Provide a Positive Model of Acceptable Behavior.
3.  Maintain Fairness, Consistency, and Reasonable Expectations
4.  Allow the Expression of Feelings
5.  Think and Plan for the Future
Progress in guiding children's behavior may seem slow.  Regression and setbacks will occur.  Through it all the staff at Day by Day Child Development Center keeps a sense of humor and we remind ourselves of our successes and the important role we play in caring for and guiding your young child.