Day By Day Child Development Center - "Building Bright Futures since 1996"
Services Offered
Teachers see that children are born with curiosity, a desire to learn.  The role of caregivers (teachers & parents) is to assist nature.  Elements of the physical environment are also meant to develop this desire, and the curriculum is centered around this development.
At Day by Day Child Development Center, all classrooms follow a structured weekly theme/curriculum that incorporates age appropriate and culturally aware activities that include letter and number recognition, language arts, fine and gross motor skills, art, music and movement, sensory, books, dramatic play, and science. Our structured teacher created curriculum offers classroom experiences that develop self-control, cooperation and communication skills yet still allows for flexibility amongst each individual child's needs.  The skills taught in each classroom build upon prior experiences to enable the child to meet age appropriate developmental milestones.  In both the Daffodils and Cosmos classrooms, our preschool and Prekindergarten curriculum follows the guidelines of Kindergarten Readiness as oulined by ISD 196. 
Our Kindergarten Readiness Program is designed to develop the necessary skills as well as builds on the development of social, emotional, and motor skills to ensure that each child that graduates from our program is ready for the challenges they will face in Kindergarten and beyond.  Kindergarten Readiness skills specifically include alphabet recognition of upper and lower case letters, letter sounds, writing, and all the necessary pre-reading skills,.  Number recognition, counting, writing, and basic math skills are also taught.  The Kindergarten Readiness program stresses the importance of problem solving skills to help each child develop and master the necessary self-help skills necessary to be successful in life. 
In all classrooms, activities teach and reinforce the ideas of respect, responsibility, and accountability amongst oneself, friends, parents, teachers, and property.  These include both teacher lead structured and child lead unstructured activities that focus on intellectual thinking, individual and cooperative play; development of social, emotional, self-help, and problem solving skills; utilizing sensory, science, blocks, manipulatives, books, music and dramatic play activities.
Day by Day Child Development Center strives to meet our mission by providing a positive learning experience for all children to grow and develop to their fullest potential. To respect each child by actively listening, loving, caring and teaching. To make our early child development center an extension of your home by respecting each parent by listening to your concerns, problem solving, caring and loving their child.  In addition, to encourage each staff member by developing, listening, caring, and valuing their ideas.