Day By Day Child Development Center - "Building Bright Futures since 1996"
Experienced Early Child Development Staff
Each of our staff members has the enthusiasm, compassion, and qualifications to create a safe, loving, and engaging environment for your child.  Every teaching staff member must pass the MN Department of Human Services - Licensing Background Check.  Staff also have received training in pediatric first aid, CPR, mandated reporting, SIDS, and Shaken Baby Syndrome.   On going training is provided semi-yearly on topics relevant to early childhood development.
Full time teaching staff are educated and/or experienced in early childhood education or early childhood development. Full-time and most part-time staff hold degrees and/or teaching certificates or licenses.
Our staff is committed to provide each child the necessary skills so that they can develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.  We employ experienced, dedicated and loving staff who design fun and enriching activities appropriate for your child’s age and skill levels in a safe, clean, and caring environment designed to make the day fly, while building social, cognitive, and language skills. Along with learning new skills, he or she will have the opportunity to socialize with other children of the same age, and, of course, learn by guided activities and playing.
Longevity of our staff is what sets us apart from other childcare centers.  This is something that we are very proud of,  as it helps reduce the anxiety that some children experience at drop-off time.  While these feelings a child may have are completely normal -- and so are they for the parents!  It is encouraging for parents to know that there are many positive (and peaceful) ways to say goodbye at school that will help build a child's self confidence.  With our lack of staff turnover this is one way that your child's day will start out with a knowledgeable staff member consistently.
Our staff is our biggest selling point.  Out of 14 staff members we pride ourselves on the longevity of our staff:
 3 - 1+ yrs service, 
 4 - 5+ yrs service,
 1 - 10+ yrs service,
 2 - have been with us since we opened in 1996.